Date : 2015/01/10

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Dear Mr. XXXXX,

I am writing in response to the Administrative Assistant job opening you currently have posted, for which I feel I would be an ideal fit. I am a highly experienced administrative professional, and I possess the capabilities to get the job done in a successful and efficient manner.
I am proficient in all aspects of computer work, including the ability to navigate Microsoft Office with ease. I am also exceptionally organized, highly attentive to detail, and possess excellent customer service skills. My ability to communicate well with others makes me the perfect team player in any type of environment.
My extensive education has given me the solid foundation required to perform this position well. I am able to think outside of the box and tackle challenges head-on to meet deadlines and to contribute meaningfully to my employers. My strong written and verbal communication skills make me an exemplary employee and a powerful asset for any company.
I appreciate you taking the time to review my attached resume that I feel further explains my qualifications for this position. If any additional information is required, including references, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.